I am passionate about sharing God’s word!

God has a wonderful and unique purpose for each one of us. I find joy in encouraging women to lean into His marvelous and tender love and to allow Him to raise them up into their God-given design. In His arms, we experience the freedom to be our deeply loved, completely forgiven selves. In silence with Him is where we clearly hear His still, small voice.

Because I believe transparency is critical to our living authentic lives with each other, I make every effort to be honest and vulnerable as I speak. I especially love taking on heavy topics with a light-hearted approach!

“Your sincerity and shared life experiences really spoke to my heart.
You radiate with your love for our Lord!”

Your event may be a large conference, a modest gathering, or a small, intimate group. Depending on your desires, the format can be highly interactive or simply straight-forward sharing.

But it will all be based on God’s word!

The “Topics” section will provide you with a few ideas, but having developed curriculum for years I’m open to discussing whatever you may want for the women you serve. Each topic listed can be delivered as a single session and many can be expanded into three to four sessions for a day or weekend retreat.

“This is one speaker that I would look forward to having back at Thrive
or any other conference. Don’t miss her next seminar.”

Over the years I have provided presentations for conferences, large Bible studies, special events, and retreats. One of the things I enjoy most about being a speaker is working with event planners and ministry teams to ensure my part enhances their overall objectives and desires.

I’m looking forward to ministering with you!

“Dee, you are an excellent communicator and very, very good teacher…
A job well done, for the glory of God.”



Find a list of Suggested Topics HERE