Divine Romance BOOK STUDY

The Divine Romance includes a chapter-by-chapter book study

The “Divine Romance Leader’s Guide” and “Additional Tips and Tools for Leaders” are both available to you as FREE downloads.

Here’s what book study participants are saying…

“[This book study] kept me from an affair… [it] has absolutely changed me!” —Book Study Participant

 — ❦ —

“I just had to write to tell you just HOW MUCH God used this book in all of our lives. Your book encouraged open communication and a safe place for women to share things they never shared with anyone ever before. It was an AMAZING experience!! I have led many Bible studies over the years, but never have I seen such transparency among the women. I will be starting over and leading the study again next year with a bunch of Seminary women here on the Denver Seminary campus. I have told SO many people about the book!” —Seminary Student

 — ❦ —

“Thank you for helping me realize who, and Whose, I really am!” —Church Book Study Participant

— ❦ —

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