The Divine Romance
 —Going to God with the Longings Only He Can Fulfill

“An amazing book.”
—Steve Arterburn,
New Life Ministries

The Divine Romance addresses the one thing Christian women don’t talk about. The ways in which we attempt to meet our most intimate desires to feel more loved, cherished, and valued.

Written with honesty and humor, The Divine Romance shows you how God alone is abundantly able to meet your deepest needs. And, you will discover how you can allow Him to love you with a passion beyond anything this world has to offer.

Here’s what readers are saying…

“Dee, you have done a great job! This will be an extremely helpful book to many, many women.” —Kay Marshall Strom, author and keynote speaker

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“Bright delves into a dangerous area of women’s lives: our emotions. With powerful insights, delightful humor, and biblical principles, she helps us honestly see not just what the problems are but how we can respond in God’s power.” —Kathy Collard Miller, author and keynote speaker

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“An honest and introspective book..Dee Bright is authentic and real in presenting her own struggles and skillfully takes the reader into a journey of finding answers that are practical and biblical.” —Jim Smoke, author, speaker, life coach

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“I would highly recommend this book… for all women, whether single or married.  It is insightful, helpful, and hopeful. Dee really helps the reader focus on inner needs, and how to practically turn these needs to God rather than to temporary solutions that don’t satisfy. I’m going to recommend this book to all my clients.” —Kim Fredrickson, Marriage and Family Therapist,

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“I’ve spent nine years of my life meeting weekly with a group of men in exploring the futility of selfish desires and addictions. And then after all these years I discover a book written by a woman exclusively for women on this very subject.  What a shock to recognize myself in the pages of this book and to strongly resonate with the hope offered in the Grace of the love of God.  The Divine Romance is a great read for men who struggle with addictive behavior.” —Rick Carr, Citygate Associates

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“Dee, I just wanted to tell you that your book ‘The Divine Romance’ has brought me a tremendous amount of insight and healing… Thank you SO much for your honesty and transparency in this book. The exercises are tremendous!”
—Christian Radio Broadcaster

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